Washingtonville Youth Wrestling Registration Form

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Washingtonville Youth Wrestling Registration Form

When: The youth wrestling season begins in November and ends towards the end of February (please see “Schedule and Calendar” for specific dates). Practices are generally every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:30-7:30; however, we do have to schedule around some high school competitions that are in the main gym, so please check the calendar and your email frequently for the practice schedule .

Where: WHS Gymnasium or Cafeteria.

Who: Any elementary or middle school age child who can stay engaged for a 90 minute practice. No prior experience is needed!

Cost: $100 for the season. If cost is a problem, please contact Coach Gennaro (see “Contacts”).

Registration: Please complete the form below. We will also have additional hard copies of this form available the first day of practice. Please contact Coach Gennaro with questions or additional information (see “Contact” link above).

USA Wrestling Card Required

Your child will need an updated USA wrestling card to practice and compete. To get an updated card, you will need to go to . Please print out a copy and bring it to the first day of practice. Please contact Coach Wilson if you have any questions or need any help with the cost, scholarships are available.


Coaches work very hard to make sure athletes practice the great sport of wrestling safely! Although minor bumps, scrapes, and bruises can be common in contact sports, serious injuries are rare. However, there is always some risk involved. Know that by submitting this form you, the parent or guardian of the above wrestler, are agreeing to the following waiver:

I, the parent or guardian of the above wrestler, understand that Washingtonville Coaches, Washingtonville Wrestling, and/or the Washingtonville School District will not be held liable in case of injury or illness of the wrestler. In case of accident or injury, I give my permission for the coaching staff to do what is necessary in their judgement for the health and safety of my child.

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